The election is over

To the Editor,

Isn’t it about time the far-right Conservatives orbiting beyond the boundaries of intelligence try a re-entry into the real world?

The Commander-in-Chief isn’t coming for anyone’s cats, six-toed or otherwise. This kerfuffle began nine years ago and dealt with making sure the cats were taken care of according to the Animal Welfare Act. The Hemingway Museum appealed the rulings in court, the latest of which again sided with the Department of Agriculture. The Museum is unaffected by the ruling because of a settlement reached in 2008 that granted it an exhibitors’ license if it heightened the fence, used better food bowls and upgraded cat shelters. This tempest in a cat box doesn’t deserve mention. OK?

And he’s not coming for your guns. 20,000 gun control laws? According to the Brookings Institute, “The most informative answer (concerning gun laws)….is about 300 major state and federal laws and an unknown but shrinking number of local laws.” “″> I was unable to find any proof of 500 Americans being bludgeoned to death with hammers each year. Anybody?

Another “misconception” is the 23 ‘anti-gun’ Executive Orders that President Obama allegedly signed. They were Executive Actions which can refer to anything done by the President. Like sending a Valentine. Anyone who wishes to know the difference can check here:

Most Americans support gun control. The most recent (1/29/13) polls show that 89 percent support closing the gun show loophole by requiring background checks for all firearms sales; 69 percent support banning the sale of semiautomatic assault weapons; 68 percent support banning the sale of large-capacity ammunition magazines. Over 80 percent favor prohibiting “high-risk individuals” from having guns, including those convicted of a serious crime as a juvenile or those convicted of violating a domestic-violence restraining order. Majority rules in a democracy, right?

I haven’t written to the editor in several weeks, hoping for a post election let-up in the lies, distortions, name-calling and sheer hatred that engulfs this page almost every Sunday. Elite liberals being ‘gleeful’ over the Newtown massacre? Communists nuts invading the government? Given the amount of space afforded them here, one would never believe that these letters represent a small minority of people whose made-up outrage and half-truths serve only to stir up their small ‘cadre of comrades’ in neighboring bunkers.

Perhaps the solution lays with the newspaper. The Daily Times owes it to its readers to make sure whatever appears on the Letters to the Editor page contains at least some modicum of truth. One can have an opinion but when that opinion is based on misconceptions or outright falsehoods, it’s time to take action. It brings to mind something I read about a liberal talk radio host in New York taking a call from a man accusing President Obama of staging the Newtown massacre to win the election. When the radio host reminded the caller that the election was long over when the murders took place, he replied, “That’s your opinion!” No, it’s a fact and that’s what really matters in this world.

Sharon Davis Green