Wanting a livable wage

To the Editor,

Trying to understand why the elitist conservatives are against $9 an hour minimum wages is easily diagnosed as greed.

The greatest fortunes in America were amassed when the capitalist paid the help a pitance of what they were worth.

How wrong can the right be and how wrong can the lame brain pundits be to suggest “gee whiz” we can’t pay the low-skilled workers $3 an hour anymore.

Society and social change is all about what the powerful rich are doing while lobbying the paid for politicians they own to get their agenda, not the people’s agenda, passed.

The financial crisis of 2008 was scandalous.

The speculators are as close to committing crime as one can get.

Speculators, bankers, hedge fund managers and Wall Street traders running rampant in an economy where one can punch numbers on a computer without owning a product and make millions, and the good ole boys blame the government for ruining the economy with $9 an hour wages.

The cry of the middle class. I don’t care what the rich make. We just want a living wage.

Steve Kopa