A few short topics

To the editor:

What is it that economists don’t understand about numbers? When the number between rich and poor becomes disproportionate, crime will rise.

Capitalism isn’t a constitutional mandate or a conservative action right. Capitalists operate all over the world in the worst governments that exist. To speak of crony capitalism as bad, no good and evil is speaking the truth.

Don’t drink enough alcohol to make yourself ill, but if you are ill, take a nip now and then to make yourself feel well.

When death is upon one, let nature take its course. It’s much more humane than cut, cut, saw, saw.

Criminals use arm-breaking tactics to recoup their losses. Capitalists use them to recoup their losses.

The fate of the world since the beginning of time has depended on the trials and tribulations every 14-year-old experiences going through puberty.

What happened to civil freedom of speech and expression in America?

Throughout history, the rich elitists who make the law to suit their agenda and rule by it forever after have been the real culprits in society.

The sad part about gun ownership is that it doesn’t take much intelligence to use a gun. All one has to do squeeze the trigger – bang, bang, you’re dead.

Trying to understand why the elitist conservatives are against a $9-an-hour minimum wage is easily diagnosed as greed. The cry of the middle class is, we don’t care what the rich make, we just want a living wage.

Steve Kopa