A series of discussions

To the Editor,

A few short topics.

God game the commandment to Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply. They obeyed. Seven billion humans later, many Christians are aborting the mission.

Capitalism isn’t a constitutional mandate or a conservative action right. Capitalists operate all over the world in the worst governments that exist. To speak of crony capitalism as bad, no good and evil is speaking the truth.

When death is upon one, let nature take its course. It’s much more humane than cut, cut, saw, saw.

If equations rule the universe and math is the basis for the existence of the universe, then the pool hall mentality of you’re just a number is correct.

Throughout history, the rich elitists who make the law to suit their agenda and rule by it forever after have been the real culprits in society.

Be truthful unto thyself. Would one rather be living in Sean Hannity’s (Fox News) world of picking cotton for a morsel of bread, calling it the birth of capitalism or living in a world where a living wage is mandatory.

How can obesity not be a problem in America? Even though they’re not healthy for one, there’s some great burgers and fries out there.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting a liberal agenda with accountability versus a conservative agenda “No bread on the table.” Get a job.

For young and old alike. Watch what you say and wear. First impressions are lasting.

Most people exploiting other people’s work habits are the worst offenders when it comes to their own work habits.

When one is young, you are in the impressionable years. Be careful who you are impressed by. The devil is a no, no.

The government has to regulate or the public will retaliate. The first thing the public must understand about our great republic, when folks say government is too big and should get out of the way, one must consider that government does nothing more than it is asked to do by its citizens.

Judges don’t act until a case is brought before them. Remember, rule by law.

Steve Kopa