America is a mess

To the editor:

A part of the debate on the gun issue is truly clear to all – guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Well, with one you get better odds of killing something, too. On the other hand, to make streets safe, fewer guns are better in hands of police, too.

This America has more freedom to kill, maim, harm and hurt than it should. To be kind is outdated, or to be compassionate is, as well, old-school. To be respectful is lost in a dream. All guns should have a device to tell if the owner is drink- and drug-free, plus to see if he or she is in his or her right mind, but, alas, we live in America, the country with freedom to kill on an hourly basis. Lose a loved one to gun violence and you’ll see the harm this all does to tell rest of world.

America is a mess.

William Murray