Breaking the back of a nation

To the editor:

I believe the first major catastrophic event that was used to break the back of a nation, to attack the United States of America, began when President Abraham Lincoln changed our government from dejure to defacto government. I don’t believe the president ever intended to keep it as a defacto government and had every intention of returning it to dejure once the war was over.

By changing our government from dejure to defacto, Lincoln preserved our form of government, thus protecting it from our enemies. Unfortunately, before he could return our government back to dejure, he was violently murdered. It makes one wonder if Lincoln was assassinated to prevent the return of government to dejure. If Lincoln was not killed for this reason, why hasn’t our nation been returned back to dejure? I believe every U.S. president since Lincoln has had to be compliant to this evil force that prevents the return of our nation to dejure or be killed. I believe this raises questions concerning the killing of President John F. Kennedy as well. I believe this was the beginning of the end of America.

The second catastrophic event in American history that was used to break a nation was the creation of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve gave our enemies control over our financial institutions, our banks. Controlling our financial institutions gave our enemies the power to shape, change and mold America to whatever they desired through the control of laws. The same men who created the Federal Reserve were the same men who created a scare in the stock market weeks prior to their implementation of the Federal Reserve. These evil men and their European conspirators schemed a shake up in the market so they could establish the Federal Reserve with little resistance. Needless to say their plot worked perfectly.

The third catastrophic event in American history that was used to break a nation was the removal of Christian Bible reading and prayer from our schools. Though our government and our financial institutions were compromised, America still was not completely in the hands of her enemies. Evil men had control of our nation, yet the threat of the American people rising up was a major concern. To control a people you have to destroy what they believe in. So our enemies removed prayer and Bible reading from our school, preying on a mourning people who had not so long ago witnessed the killing of another American president. Our enemies understood the one thing that tied us all together was our faith in God. They understood that Christian prayer and Bible reading planted seeds of belief in future generations.

Randall M. Sims Sr.