Community will learn from case

To the editor:

I’ve never written a letter to the editor before, but I felt I had to respond to a letter written by R. Scott Carlton that appeared in the April 24 edition (“Steubenville needs God’s blessing.”)

I was not born and raised in Steubenville, but I am proud to say that both of my sons were. I am also very proud to say that they were students and athletes of Steubenville Big Red.

I strongly disagree with what the writer wrote about coach Reno Saccoccia. Anyone who really knows Reno realizes what was written is not the truth. He is a very private and humble individual. He is a loving son, husband, father and grandfather. He gives a lot of time and effort to the youth of our city. He tries to teach them life lessons, as well as football. His main concern is that these young boys turn into honest, dependable men.

I think parents should ultimately be responsible for teaching their children the fundamentals of becoming honest, caring individuals, and their teachers and coaches only support what they have learned from their family.

I believe Steubenville is a good community, and I only hope we can all learn through this experience and continue to make Steubenville a great community to live and raise our families.

Beth Scisciani