Edison education very valuable

To the editor:

As everyone is fully aware of the dilemma Edison Local schools are facing with the continuing failure of levies, I encourage everyone to look past this dilemma and focus only on what really matters: the education.

Edison High School has a superior dual credit program through Eastern Gateway Community College that allows for the students to take free college credit courses while also obtaining high school credit. Not only does this advance the student academically, but it saves them thousands of dollars. This is the utmost gift to any student wishing to pursue a college education. I believe that this gets overlooked way too often and needs to be brought to attention.

I am a recent alumnus of the Edison Local School District and couldn’t be more thankful for the education that I received by attending there. I graduated toward the top of my class at Edison High School and I took with me 40 college credits as well. I am now a freshman at West Liberty University and excelling to my expectations. I am already accepted into the dental hygiene program that WLU is nationally recognized for, two years ahead of the time most people are even capable for applying. It’s rare for a freshman to even qualify for a seat in the program, let alone actually be accepted. I can’t give the credit to anyone else but Edison and myself. Without them, I would just be another typical college student.

So, I would like to take the time to thank all of my educators, from preschool all the way to senior year, for everything they have taught and instilled in me. They do not get the recognition that they deserve – no one at Edison does. So this is for you guys, thank you for putting me so far ahead of schedule with your superior academics. I couldn’t have done it if I went anywhere else but Edison Local.

Jasmyn Falasca