Edison’s future is questioned

To the editor:

My sister and I are students in the Edison Local School District. My sister is a third-grader at Pleasant Hill Elementary School, and I am an eighth-grader in the high school. I would like to write about the failures of our levies. Also, I want to tell you how I feel about the Ohio school-funding law and the importance of passing school levies.

I believe that the way the people in Ohio school districts should be taxed should be like in Pennsylvania, where their school boards just vote in increases in taxes to run the schools and to pay the employees when these elected board members feel it is necessary. I believe that Ohioans should just have votes on levies for things like building new schools.

I am sure that most local people are aware that Pleasant Hill Elementary is being forced to close and that busing is being cut for the high school. This is in addition to the pay-to-participate in sports and clubs that started this school year. Due to these cuts, my sister and I and many of our friends are considering going to other local schools. I think everyone should know that if people keep putting down our levies, then things at Edison are just going to get worse and become more expensive to fix. These cuts are going to cause the layoffs of teachers and staff members who have helped Edison get awards for excellence from the state, even though we do not get to have all the things that other schools do.

If the levies are not passed, eventually the Edison district will be dissolved and whoever is still going to Edison will get shipped off to some other district. Then, all the voters will be forced to pay higher taxes, anyway, but instead it will be to help pay for the new schools that neighboring districts did feel their children deserved.

Calvin Jackson