Happy Easter

To the Editor,

Science calls life a miraculous miracle.

Life’s so precious: One God, the Resurrection, ever-lasting life for a living creation of God has to give testimony to some higher supernatural entity.

The fawn opens its eyes, hobbles to its wobbly legs and wants to run through the meadow for eternity with the Indian brave in pursuit in The Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky where nobody dies.

The Neanderthal – half ape, half man – leaving his dead buried near the hearth when migrating from a cave, leaving a bowl with bits of food cradled in their arms in tune with when they awakened. A bit to eat gives witness and testimony. Life’s so precious to every living creature.

Desiring one God, the Resurrection, ever-lasting life comes from some internal drive when one opens its eyes and observes the beauty of the universe.

Life’s so precious. Christ is risen. Happy Easter.

Steve Kopa


Happy Easter