Our children are under attack

To the editor:

I want to talk about the many ways our children are violated every day and how we respond to very few of these violations. Recently, we have seen violations of youth motivate adults to react and, in some cases, overreact.

In Connecticut, a mass murder of children took place which spawned a cry for new gun control laws. No one is demanding further information on the person running from the school into the woods. No one seems interested in talking to the accused kid’s counselor or psychiatrist. But loud and clear, a ban on guns.

Here at home we experienced a rape case go viral because social media was allowed to go unchecked. At some point it became more than justice for Jane Doe. It became retribution for every flaw or blemish in the history of the community. It appears that justice will ultimately prevail as it should and Steubenville will, at least for a time, wear a scarlet letter, mostly for its checkered past.

What I really want to discuss goes beyond justice. I want know how many people who dedicated months to this case, from key players, to citizens, to bloggers and hackers, will continue to pursue the other violations forced upon children. How many will pat themselves on the back and feel good about themselves. For those who do, I have some homework for you.

Murder and rape happen every day, but unless the murder happens with multiple victims in a place that interrupts our comfort zone, we accept it as daily news. If a rape doesn’t get in your face and is personal or you have attachments to it that stir emotion, it is just daily news. Well, your homework is to check other daily happenings that show how children are being violated every day in a deadly manner.

The violations I want you to look for aren’t as blatant as rape or murder. These other violations won’t leave bodies lying face down in a school hall. You won’t see teens twittering or texting about them. But the end result will be the same. It will just go unidentified and accepted. Since this is homework and I am limited to 500 words I will just list the violations and then I want to see how many pick up the cry for justice and salvation and I will further look to see how much help the major media is against these others who violate your children every day.

Each day our children are poisoned physically and mentally with the air they breath, water they drink and the food and beverages they ingest. They are media-fed violence, sex and escape by drugs. Learn about the profit- driven food chain and how genetically altered foods, chemical additive, steroids, growth hormones, preservatives and pesticides interrupt and damage mental and physical development. Examine the audio and video stimuli that enters your child’s world and then cry out for help and see which media comes to your aid.

Joe Scalise