Prayers to victims, families

To the editor:

Parents of a victim of rape, or of any sexual assault, are victims also.

No one likes to see his or her child hurting, and rape is the worst kind of pain for the victim and the parents. They go through all the pain and distress, the same as the victim.

A rape victim, or even a sexual assault victim, has to face so many turns and changes in his or her life. They feel low self-esteem, feel they aren’t good enough for anyone or anything and lose trust in people and themselves. The parents see all of this happening to their child and feel the hurt their child does.

I know this to be true, because a very dear and special acquaintance has been through this, and it isn’t easy watching someone you care about and love hurt that much. It isn’t something you get over in one day, month or year – you learn to deal with it and try to move on, but you never get over it, forget it or forgive.

My acquaintance has been dealing with this for years; unfortunately, her assailant was never prosecuted. I watched her go through all the pain this caused her, and all I could do was be there for her and support her in whatever she did.

Through therapy and support, from friends and family, she got on with her life. She had to pay for someone else’s crimes. I just wish her assailant had been prosecuted.

My heart and prayers go out to Jane Doe and all of the victims and their families. The families suffer just as much as the victim and even more, because they have to watch their child suffer.

My prayers and support are with all the victims and their families.

I have no sympathy for the assailants – they are criminals and deserve to be punished to the fullest, whether they are adults or juveniles.

God bless you.

Sandra See

Mingo Junction