Praying for area residents

To the editor:

I don’t live there, and my heart hurts for you, because when when I think of Steubenville I always related it to Christ in some form.

I live in Alexandria, La., and we have had the largest Seubenville conferences in the South for the past 25-plus years. I always think of all the good that comes from places and colleges. But we all need prayer, especially our youth. They do make mistakes and we need to guide them, not condemn them. If they need help, give them room. I’m so glad I have two sons who talk to and trust us – it was not always easy but the road got better with work, time and prayer. Help them get jobs, if you can. You can’t be a friend – you have to be a parent and say I love you every day and treat it like it is your last. You never know when that time will come.

I just want to learn to get their trust and care, know where they are and set limits. My parents were the best and we all grew up with professional jobs and careers and the wisdom to raise our kids with some sense in this crazy mixed up world. As a registered nurse, I have seen senseless shootings, deaths and trauma as a result of something someone did to another for stupid reasons. I’m just praying for you all. God’s peace. (Maybe living in the South has gotten into my system.)

Karen Thomisee

Alexandria, La.