Put safety of citizens first

To the editor:

Any fool knows that it makes no sense to hire a chauffeur when you cannot afford to own a limousine; likewise, with a population of less than 18,000 inhabitants, it is absurd to burden the taxpayers of the city of Steubenville with a payroll for both a mayor and a city manager.

This is especially true when the salary of the city manager is more than $90,000, an amount nearly equivalent to hire either three more firefighters or three more police officers. Granted, the current city manager has done an excellent job, but our meager tax base can no longer afford such an extravagance. Proof of this reality has become obvious to all with the suggestion of closing a fire station that services the heart of the city in subdivisions where houses are older and in close proximity to one another, located near a hospital and inaccessible from the West End firehouse due to heavy traffic on Sunset Boulevard and steep hills to climb from the downtown station.

Before the safety of citizens is jeopardized, let us consider returning to the mayoral form of government.

Wyatt Whanger