Ready to exercise rights

To the editor:

On Oct. 14, I was at the Jefferson County Justice Center to attend the probable cause hearing.

While standing in the hallway outside of the courtroom, Sheriff Fred Abdalla approached me and told me to remove my hat. Why? Was I in violation of some state law? My attempt to find out if Jefferson County has some law that the other 87 counties do not fell on deaf ears. Was I not supposed to be there to monitor the process, and if so, why?

I was there because it is my constitutional right to be there. I was exercising my right to attend the hearing of a child who I introduced to athletics 10 years ago. Unlike some in this town, this is not about the football program. My concern is about all the children who are involved in this mess. Unlike the sheriff, I am an advocate for the children – all the children.

I plan to attend the trial, no matter who doesn’t want me in the just-us center.

Keith Dorsey