Steubenville needs God’s blessing

To the editor:

Steubenville is in the middle of a crisis, and the people responsible are doing absolutely nothing. It is time to clean up the town. Many heads must roll, but that’s what it will take to turn Steubenville back into a decent community.

First and foremost, coach Reno Saccoccia must go. Despite his brilliant record as a football coach and despite the good things he has done for many people, it is clearly time to get rid of him. He is a disgrace to the school and to the community. He has taught his boys absolutely nothing about being men. All he cares about is winning football games. The fact that he acted as a character witness for two suspected rapists shows his true character. And then there was his threat against a New York Time reporter on school property and on school time. That alone should have gotten him fired. Saccoccia is an open wound that will not heal. If he doesn’t have the decency to resign, then he should be fired. We simply must get rid of him. I urge you to contact the Steubenville Board of Education and express your thoughts.

Then there is Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla. He is the worst sheriff in the country. He talks a good game but he doesn’t produce. He should have been voted out years ago.

The Steubenville Police are the worst in the nation. They have no control over the drug dealing on the hilltops. When I grew up on LaBelle View, it was a very safe and comfortable neighborhood. Now, it’s infested with criminals who the police have no control over. The whole police force should be disbanded and replaced with professionals who know what they are doing. I don’t expect this to happen, but I insist that it should.

I live in Houston so I only have to put up with these problems when I fly in every fall to see some Big Red football games. If things don’t improve, I may forego my trip this year. It’s too painful to me to see what my town has degenerated to.

May God bless Steubenville. It really needs his blessing.

R. Scott Carlton

Big Red Class of 1966