Wall of honor needs your support

To the editor:

Here’s a chance to be a part of a great veterans project.

As per plans, the Jefferson County Veterans Association, with cooperation from the Jefferson County Commissioners, plans to build a Veterans Memorial Honor Wall at the Jefferson County Veterans’ Memorial Museum at Fort Friendship near Smithfield.

This honor wall is in the beginning stages, and on hold until warmer weather. At this point, the wall will have 220 honor blocks. We already have plans and drawings to accommodate another 200-plus bricks, and in all probability, this will be added to again. When completed, this wall will definitely be beautiful and meaningful, in addition to the museum.

Originally we had wanted this wall to be erected through county funds and donations of work time. Up until this time, this had worked well and we are progressing well. Now, it has been brought to our attention that several businesses and individuals have offered to make a monetary donation to this cause. We have rejected these offers in the past. Now, we have come to a time in the fabrication of this honor wall, and not wanting to offend anyone, we have decided to accept any and all monetary donations to this project.

Let us be the first to thank Commissioner Thomas Graham on his monetary donation earmarked for concrete and support. Jefferson County, through the commissioners, has paid out several thousand dollars to this project. We are looking at a probable amount of several thousand dollars to finish.

When this project comes into its final stages, we will need sidewalks, lighting, protection barriers, etc. If your business, or you as an individual, would like to donate to this honor wall. Please make your check payable to the Jefferson County Veterans Association Inc., and add “honor wall” to the check, in the lower lefthand corner. Send all donations to Tony Phillippi, 1341 County Road 15, Rayland, OH 43943.

Please do not misconstrue – the donations you contribute will not designate that your business, etc., will be provided a brick for advertisement. The bricks on this wall are for honorably discharged veterans only. But, rest assured, you will be noted in some way that will be decided.

Individuals can still obtain a brick for a $50 donation and completed application. Applications can be obtained by calling Phillipi at (740) 733-8484 or me at (740) 424-8806.

So, again, I deeply encourage the businesses of the Ohio Valley to please donate to this beautiful wall of honor.

Bill Smythe

Commander, Jefferson

County Veterans