Words for the local rape victim

To the editor:

Some thoughts about the rape victim:

You have been through something that most of us can’t begin to imagine; you were raped in person, online, by the media, your so-called “friends” and the court. You still continue to be “raped” daily by people who do not deserve to be called humans – those who blame you, who say you shouldn’t have gotten drunk and more terrible things.

But I want you to know that there are many of us around the country who support you, you are a hero -even though you may not have wanted to pursue this case, you will save many young girls. This case has shocked us, it’s opened our eyes and for myself, it’s made me concerned on how to keep my daughter safe. She’s only 4 years old now, but I see cases like yours and worry for her future. But because you and your parents spoke up, I will find a way to talk to her, to try and protect her from having the same thing happen.

You did nothing wrong. Just as many people do, we sometimes drink too much, we sometimes don’t make the best choices, but that does not give anyone the right to violate us. You were treated the way that no human should be treated, that no living creature should be treated.

You are beautiful and will do great things with your life. While I understand that you have to work through this in your own way, do not let this define you. Those girls who are saying such vile things about you and not wanting to be your friend … but for the grace of God. I’ve seen some of the profiles and their mothers need to check them, they are putting themselves out there for any creep to turn against.

Thank you for being strong and someone that can be a hero to all victims.

Nikki Kelley

Sheveport, La.