Clear up the mystery

To the Editor,

Headlines: Rail yard mystery. Weirton Daily Times 4-1-13.

I can’t understand why the word mystery is used unless it’s an omen of what’s to come. One must understand most mysteries end in some kind of disaster.

This isn’t a negative letter. It’s a positive letter to create an atmosphere of outright truthfulness to the citizens of Weirton, not mystery.

Everybody that commented on the mystery spoke in innuendo, secret negotiations, what if’s and meetings with hopefully not the prince of darkness issuing orders with a deep voice from behind a pole in a parking garage.

“Watergate” in Weirton. Hum! It could be in the making.

Gentlemen of the city administration, Mayor Kondik, let’s get some facts and quit operating on a “pipe” dream. Surely there’s a Deep Throat out there somewhere that can release some information on what’s the deal, who’s behind it and is it in Weirton’s best interest.

Just a mysterious thought. Maybe ArcelorMittal is trying to plan a scheme to get out of Weirton without being responsible for the rust belt they leave behind.

There’s a new breed – clever marketers – out there called “schemeologists,” and they’re all coming to Weirton to practice their trade.

Steve Kopa