Grateful for Weirton Transit

To the Editor,

My name is Sally M. Starko and I reside at Freedom II apartments on Main Street, Weirton, W.Va. I have lived here seven years and it has been the best decision of my life.

Due to financial problems, even before I moved here I had to sell my car. I was a single mother.

The other day, I went downstairs to check my mail, and found in the lobby copies of the newsletter that has been started each month by Weirton Transit Corporation. How great that they have an employee who has taken upon this job.

The Transit has been such a blessing to me and many others. We do appreciate all they do. It is my primary mode of transportation. The manager does a fine job in his duties and is a very helpful, fair person. If you have any problems, just address them to him and he will investigate.

The director only asks that the riders be courteous to the drivers and vice-versa. The drivers also do a fine job, plus handling the chair lifts and anyone needing anything, they will try to address it.

The drivers are very accommodating and help in a very professional way.

The applaud the manager, Kevin Beynon, the trustees, drivers and those dispatchers who send the buses on “their merry way,” in order to help this community.

I pray we will continue to support the Transit; be a team and “hop on” for a safe ride to your destination.

Sally Starko