JVS offers great start

To the editor:

Many juniors and seniors have attended the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School since it opened more than 38 years ago. If not for the JVS and the training they received here, where would their careers have taken them?

It is my hope that the school is judged by the success of these students. Our history is one that we are proud of because of the many parent comments such as, “my son or daughter would not be successful if not for the JVS.” I want us to continue to have young people leave the JVS on a path toward success with the skills that can help them to succeed for a lifetime. When you go to the polls on May 7 to consider the JVS levy, please keep in mind the quality programs that we have been able to provide over the years.

The need for more money is a result of changes in state and federal tax structures that have reduced our revenue. Since I have worked at the JVS the last 17 years, I can say firsthand we have been good stewards of tax dollars. We have improved the efficiency of the facility through energy savings measures and have made other improvements that will save money over time. Many of these improvements have been made possible through special loans or grant money. However, there are other projects which need to be completed – for example, due to the lack of funds, we have only been able to use patch work to repair the roof and must wait to make much needed permanent improvements.

Yes, we have found it necessary to cut staff and keep staff members’ salary schedules unchanged for the last several years. We know similar freezes in wages or reductions have occurred with many of our school district residents. However, our goal is not just to maintain staffing and current programs, but to add programs to meet the demands of businesses. This will allow students to live and work here in the local communities. We place students first and plan to continue to provide a “great start” to students.

It is through your support of the school in the primary and special election that on average more than 350 students each year will benefit.

On behalf of the students who attend the JVS, I would like to thank you for your support.

Todd Phillipson


Jefferson County JVS