Lose freedom in exchange of security

Lose freedom in exchange of security?

To the Editor,

A man pushing 80 sitting in McDonald’s the morning after.

Three dead – one 8-year-old Martin Richard. Hundreds injured, many maimed for life, brought tears to my eyes.

America’s dreams shattered. Two bombs go off 12 seconds apart at the finish line at the Boston Marathon changing our lives forever.

The end of the America we have become accustomed to love. Freedom and the pursuit of happiness shifts to security and check points. The nature of terror?

One can’t worry about what it used to be like or think what you would like it to be like. It’s best one goes out and explores and accepts what the world is really like in the age of the 21st Century’s technology and change.

No matter how much of a constitutionalist one might profess to be, in the future even they will have to admit it can only be used as a guideline in the 21st Century. The population 300 million plus, and growing isn’t manageable without changes.

Talk radio, cable TV and all the opinionators have once again proven what a waste they have become. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whatever motive they had were not from an al-Qaida “A” team.

When the “A” teams come, and they will come, it’s either tight security in America or let the dice roll every time one walks up to a trash can, if they’re still available. Tight security means we will lose some of our freedoms or many will lose life and limb.

The most powerful nation in the world with its nuclear arsenal and sophisticated weaponry was paralyzed by two degenerates with a pressure cooker full of nails, and that thought should be enough to put terror in one’s heart.

Steve Kopa