Make a connection to WTC

To the Editor,

Have you ever telephoned a friend, an associate or a company to request a much needed ride to the drugstore, the physicians’ office or to the grocery store, and the ride never came? There was no explanation, no sad story, they just decided for some reason that they would not show up.

How frustrating and aggravating can that be? Has it happened to you or to someone that you know? Did anyone come to the rescue to make sure that you received the help that you most certainly needed? Of course not, they went on about their business. If this has happened to you or to a friend, it is time to do something about it. Why not make a WTC Connection? WTC stands for the Weirton Transit Corporation. Here is a company that stands ready to assist and support your efforts to get where you need to be.

The drivers are friendly, accommodating and stand ready to drive you to your destination. Yes, there is a bus service in Weirton that will pick you up from your home, and take you to your appointments.

Are you aware that that the Weirton Transit Corporation operates a bus service on a route deviated basis? The route buses follow the set route schedule. If necessary along the route, the buses will deviate from the set route to accommodate passengers’ needs, and then return to the route and continue on along the set route. This service operates on a curb to curb basis.

All that the Weirton Transit Corporation requires is that you telephone them one day in advance for any deviations. There is also a main route that the buses follow in order to support and accommodate the passengers that need this service. There is even a bus that runs on Saturdays. All requests for a bus on Saturday must be made by Friday, before 5 p.m. There is a telephone number that you can call to receive help. The number is (304) 797-8597. You will actually be speaking with a live person. It is important to remember that the Weirton Transit Corporation offices are closed on weekends.

Imagine being able to purchase a monthly transportation pass for $40? If you want to make a complaint, or have suggestions, you can always contact them. They even have a Board of Trustees that works to make things easier for the riders. If you want to go to Wal-Mart, Kroger, Kmarts, Shop ‘n Save, the library, contact the WTC. All of these places are along the main route. No more waiting for a ride, no more frustrating moments, life is too short. Take a ride on the WTC. It is easier, the buses are clean, there are seats to accommodate people with disabilities, and there are lifts to be utilized. Don’t spend you time asking for a ride, call the WTC. I know that I will.

Clemmie Payton-Frierson