Personal integrity key to moving ahead

To the editor:

After regular attendance at our Steubenville Council meetings, I have to say that I’ve watched the same issues be discussed over and over, with no solutions determined.

For instance, cleaning up the city can’t take that many decisions. Ordinances are already in place – they just need to be enforced for property owners. Don’t talk about it, just enforce it. And it really does need a major cleanup.

When you think about the crime in the city, it is very evident that with more than 40 firearm incidents in less than four months that we need more visible manpower on our streets.

The city leaders have to decide on priorities and then move on them. It’s time for action.

My lifetime friend, Bob Villamagna retired from the police force after more than 25 years.

He still regularly ‘patrols’ the entire city as a citizen, and I have ridden with him many times.

We both grew up in downtown Steubenville and have watched the deterioration over the decades. Although he has a choice to just enjoy retirement, he wants to be a part of making the difference in Steubenville.

I know Bob Villamagna will make the tough decisions for all the citizens of Steubenville if he is able to be a part of the City Council that needs to direct the city.

The negative image of Steubenville that has recently grown in front of media on an international level can only be reversed with action. There has to be a positive approach to cleaning up our city, and it is the job of the administration and City Council to make that happen.

The personal integrity of those leading us is key to moving forward.

I know that Bob Villamagna will be a driving force to change the negative areas to positive ones … and work to make a difference. That’s his only reason for running for office.

Joseph “Slugs” Smarrella