Points to ponder in Indian Creek

To the editor:

Once again, the Indian Creek school levy appears before voters of the school district. It makes no difference that this 4.95-mill levy has been twice rejected by the voters. It appears that the public sentiment will continue to be ignored, an the levy will reappear on the ballot on a continuous basis.

Numerous facts exist which voters should consider: Many people are on a fixed, limited retirement income. Our tax bill shows that around 70 percent of our tax payment already goes to Indian Creek in the form of the seven school levies in existence. The unemployment rate in our area is among the highest in the state. The burden of this proposed levy will extend to future generations and leave a legacy of debt to our grandchildren and even our great-grandchildren.

As we know, the cost of living continues to accelerate. President Barack Obama is withdrawing financial support to Medicare, and the costs of his Obamacare medical plan threaten to skyrocket and maim the affordability of medical care as we know it. He is attempting to reduce the country’s deficit on the backs of the senior citizens.

A successful education is not equated with the newness of a school. Some of the “condemned” school buildings sold by Indian Creek have been sold to entities who have rehabilitated and returned them to use.

With a shrinking financial capacity, voters should consider some of the above points before casting a vote for or against the levies that will appear on the May ballot. A bargain is only a bargain if you can afford it.

Richard Crugnale

Mingo Junction