There has to be a solution

To the Editor,

OK. Now that we have found out that the Department of Highways has said basically no to a new traffic light for our new public school, what can we do?

First, let’s consider some facts:

Pennsylvania Avenue, former Route 22, now Route 105, is a heavily traveled road. Until the mid 1960’s, this road was the main artery to travel from point A, to point B, Weirton Heights. Now, even today, it still is a heavily traveled road…but only at peak times.

Second thing to remember: The traffic light at Pennsylvania Avenue and Colliers Way was put in after or soon after the other phase of Route 22 was completed. Before that, a flashing caution light was in its place.

Thirdly…15, or more buses later, and let’s add some of those SUV’s and vans that stop by to pick up those attending our new school. Are we going to light flares so that everyone traveling on Pennsylvania Avenue knows that we have a new state of the art school, but with no sense of traffic control?

Fourth, what about drivers that are not familiar to the area. And let’s not forget the sun that decides to hit us at that – you guessed it – blind spot.

This issue is a point/counterpoint situation. If no traffic lights for the school, what about some signage with caution lights, before you enter the school zone? There has to be a solution. We can’t post a police officer or crossing guard at that intersection when you can’t see them.

My only solution is move the road to the school to another location. If possible, move the entrance away from the dangerous blind spot. Once you do that, then let this situation take its course. This problem can be remedied. I would like to ask the City of Weirton, the State Highway Commission, and any others that have a voice in this issue to consider this: This school is to be built for the children’s future. Let’s move ahead. Let’s not fall behind.

Kevin Neverly