A true monster

To the Editor,

As I write this, the trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell is proceeding.

As each witness takes the stand and relates their particular take on the issue, a years-long tale of horror begins to congeal, like the dried blood on Gosnell’s filthy equipment and re-used disposables.

Gosnell’s “clinic” reportedly performed up to 15 abortions per day, running his operation out of a squalid, low-rent “office” preying on the poor and underprivileged, mercilessly and seemingly without conscience illegally facilitating the birth of, and killing, many late-term infants – often over 24.5 weeks, at least one as old as 30 weeks – which were born alive, and eventually killing at least one patient, among other charges.

“Doctor” Gosnell and his “nurses” are products of the cold, morally-bereft post-Roe v. Wade mindset; prime examples of the ultimate failure of Roe v. Wade which has, predictably, cheapened life and enabled personal irresponsibility, allowing abortion, once rightly viewed as an abomination, to become just another method of birth control.

If Gosnell had taken these dear, utterly-innocent lives with a gun instead of through abortion, this story would be inescapable. Yet, the vastly “pro-choice” mainstream media seems virtually uninterested in the ghoulish, lurid details of Gosnell’s case.

Why? Well, consider: it casts even deeper shadows across an already less-than-popular issue.

There’s no way to paint a pretty face on this; Gosnell is a soulless, pitiless monster; the epitome of the cruel, inept “back-alley abortionist” the pro-abortion movement paraded before the nation, demanding abortion be legalized. Gosnell is a “back alley”-style abortionist with his own wide-open, storefront clinic. His methods and practices, truthfully, are the very reason many “pro-choice” advocates fought to get the decision before the Supreme Court; to protect women from people like him.

Further reasons why the “pro-choice” media is all but ignoring this salacious horror:

As an Illinois state legislator in 2002, President Obama opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which guaranteed medical care to infants born alive during the abortion procedure; he also favored legalizing horrific late-term, “partial-birth” abortions.

They wouldn’t want embarrassing questions raised against their guy.

Rob Denham