Animal laws don’t make sense

To the editor:

My deepest sympathy goes out to Cora Peterson on the untimely loss of her raccoon, Meeko. As someone who has had many animals, large and small, euthanized due to the infirmities of old age, I can’t imagine the heartache in saying goodbye to a young, healthy animal.

I am not an advocate of taking in wild animals, and I am not a fan of zoos. Sometimes our hearts prevail over laws and good sense when it comes to saving a life. I have never quite gotten the logic of some of these laws concerning animals. Why can you get a permit to keep a caged bear, big cats, snakes and other exotics, but the raccoon has to go?

Peterson appeared to be very responsible in Meeko’s care. No one can convince me that a wild animal will not bond with the person caring for it. I think that there are certain circumstances where more time and consideration need to be taken before a decision is made.

I think there could have been a better way. Shame on everyone involved in this hasty decision. There should be more attention paid to keeping out-of-state drug traffickers from settling in Jefferson County and less to who is caring for an animal that needs help. And, Cora, God bless you for your kind, loving heart.

Stel Puskarich