Be alert for second coming

To the editor:

We are told, as people who live in towns, cities and nations everywhere, to watch and be alert for Christ’s second coming.

When we begin to see shadows of events coming to pass, the Scriptures say we are right at the door. This is absolutely not a scare tactic.

Preparation, soberness and and a dedicated holy life are a must. Our world definitely acknowledges troubled times, but more than this is needed. The world is not ending, the age is. The system of things as we understand them today is going to have an eternal change so we as people can get eternal life from only one person, and we find him speaking in John 11:25-26: “The need to look for Christ is not tomorrow, but right now. Everlasting changes will be set up, Cosmic changes will be set: illumination, weather and geographics.”

Prayers go out to all men, women and children who pray together: the Lord wants us to stay together.

Keep looking up.

Roy W. Hunt