Board makes poor decision

To the editor:

As a father of two daughters, I am outraged at the recent action by the Steubenville City Schools Board of Education.

The coach’s behavior after the rapes and during the trial should have been enough to fire him. As far as I know, the board didn’t even reprimand his behavior. But, to give him a two-year contract extension is beyond comprehension. It rewards his appalling behavior. Worse, it tells young jocks around the country that they can do whatever they want – their coach has their backs.

It tells coaches around the country that their behavior is held to a different standard than the rest of the community.

Wouldn’t it have been prudent to wait for the grand jury’s final report, which is due soon? Why the rush to sign a contract that shouldn’t have been offered to begin with? What was going through the minds of the board members when they rushed to this ill-conceived decision?

Tony Moore