Building confused with education

To the editor:

Once again, the Indian Creek Local School District is asking voters, very surreptitiously, to hand them a huge pile of cash so they can engage in more construction, an activity they confuse with education.

If more money and more buildings were the answer to our public education woes, we would have the best schooling in the industrial world, instead of the worst. No nation spends more per capita on public education than the United States and gets so little in return. It is incontestable that private schools operating with vastly fewer resources invariably produce better results.

Ohio public schools are particularly bloated by administration, with one supervisor for every three teachers. These administrators pay themselves gargantuan salaries and luxurious retirement packages. The average taxpayer would be shocked to learn how wealthy these individuals are when they retire, 15 years earlier than the rest of us.

With Indian Creek, we have an administration that is out of touch with reality or simply disingenuous. If you doubt this, just take a drive along Fernwood Road and see what the Jefferson County Christian School has done with a building the taxpayers were told must be condemned.

I urge voters to reject the Indian Creek school levy on the May 7 ballot.

Dr. Timothy J. Williams