God knows hearts, minds

To the editor:

As for taking prayer out of school, the God of we who are born again knows our hearts and minds. He knows what we are thinking without saying a word out loud.

So, human law fails. We pray in silence. You may take it out of school, but you cannot take it out of our hearts. So pray, children of God, even for our enemies. We are taught to love all people, even those who hate us. The Holy Bible has endured for thousands of years. It has been burned and torn apart, but never destroyed, and will not be destroyed.

God’s church will remain until he comes for it. John Wesley said, “Though will he find faith, when he comes. Faith comes by hearing the word. Read for yourselves. Trust him (Jesus Christ) in the good times and the bad for he will never leave you. Whatever church has Jesus Christ as the cornerstone and builds (preaches and obeys) his word is a friend of mine, and together we proclaim truth and promote peace.”

Helen Porter


(Editor’s note: The writer is a previous lay speaker of the United Methodist Church.)