Pleasant Heights fills vital need

To the editor:

In response to the Pleasant Heights fire station closing, I remember a fire that was right next door to me that started in the wee hours of the morning. I got up to look out my bedroom window and all I could see is two women and three children standing on the roof of the old dry cleaners building between our houses. They were screaming and flames were shooting up from the house behind them.

I don’t remember all of the names of the firefighters who helped save this family, but I do remember Frank DeLeonardis climbing the ladder to save these lives. If it wasn’t for Frank and the firefighters at the Pleasant Heights fire station being there, would these lives have been saved? I want to think not.

I see the fire trucks going out Sunset Boulevard or past my house on LaBelle and the Pleasant Heights truck was always ahead of the other trucks by at least five minutes, if not more.

That big truck from downtown doesn’t go up Washington Street hill very fast and this is the truck we all have to depend on to get our babies, daughters, sons and loved ones out of the burning buildings. The West End trucks are too far away, also.

They all do a great job when on the scene, but I feel that we are at greater risk for you closing the Pleasant Heights fire station.

I just hope and pray that someone doesn’t have to lose his or her life before the right thing is done. Please open the Pleasant Heights fire station back up.

Stacy L. Bottegal