We’re on a decline

To the Editor,

I ask, why is the rating of the job Congress is doing, so low?

Let’s begin by looking in the mirror and you might find one of the reasons why. If you keep voting for the incumbent, you are part of the problem. You and I both know that Congress will never vote for term limits. But, we the voters could certainly put term limits by not voting for the incumbent after they have served two terms. Simply vote for the person running against the incumbent, be it Democrat or Republican. As long as you voters keep voting for the incumbent, there will always be a do-nothing Congress. They will vote along party lines, and enjoy the hefty perks they now have and especially when they retire. I don’t know if I said this before, in my opinion, there is only one honest politician and that is the person that is elected the first time. When election time rolls around, and he/she takes money for their campaign, then they become dishonest.

We wonder why our teenagers, (not all of them) get into some of the things they do. How about starting with TV. Just about all the shows on TV are filled with sex and violence. Even the so-called comedies are filled with sexual innuendoes. When the youth see these people jumping into bed, they think it’s okay for them to do so also. And do you see the clothes some of these teenage girls wear? If my daughter wore clothes like that, she would not be allowed out of her room, let alone out of the house.

Couples live together without the marriage license. We are decaying morally. We need to put God back into our lives.

Now for some comments on the great b’esser Barnum (as one letter writer, calls him) Obama. Every time he opens his mouth, another distortion of facts emits. Benghazi, IRS, phone records of news people, he just keeps telling the fibs. He wants more taxes, which would not be a bad thing if they were used to pay off the horrendous national debt, but he wants to spend and spend. It would not surprise me if he proposed a tax on the amount of toilet paper we use!! If the voters don’t put a road block on this man in the 2014 elections, he will just continue with his radical and illegal ways.

Let me close with a story about an atheist man who went before a judge and said there should be a national day to recognize atheists. The judge said you already have a day of recognition. The Judge said, in the book of Psalms:15 it states that a person who believes there is no God, he is a fool. The judge continued, saying April 1st is your day. Love it!!

Ray Kaczynski