World education is not equal

To the Editor,

I searched the Internet to find out where Abe Lincoln went to school. Self taught. Maybe that’s the problem in America; we put too much emphasis on education.

Let’s roll the dice. Put a fishing pole, hunting rifle, basketball, football and soccer ball in every child’s hands, excluding iPhones, and see what happens. Another Abe Lincoln or Michael Jordan might be wasting his time daydreaming in a class room.

I can’t understand why the intelligentsia in America debunk our educational system as terrible because other nations out test American students on tests.

Let’s explore and expose that thought, because in real time it’s the rest of the world’s best and brightest being compared to America’s open enrollment in education. Everybody’s equal. Go to preschool and you’ll be able to read entering third grade, which is pure nonsense.

I suppose if every preschooler practices putting he’ll be another Tiger Woods. Again, pure nonsense.

Inherent genetics are just that, inherited, whether it’s genius or slow learner syndrome.

With America’s open enrollment approach to education, we are left with the prospect to education the millions in between genius and slow learner and America’s teachers do an excellent job under the open enrollment system. I will bet my money on America’s best and brightest against any other nation’s best and brightest. Don’t think for a minute every Third World student can read entering the third grade.

Teachers, enjoy your summer vacation. You have earned it.

Steve Kopa