Boardwalks not just for the ocean

To the editor:

You gotta give Adams Antiques credit for trying something different on their own to try to get people to come to Steubenville.

Wood is used for boardwalks at seaside resorts all the time, so why is there a problem for us landlubbers? If the idea is good but it doesn’t meet the code, then change the code. Isn’t that why there are elected officials? Here we have someone using their own money and not relying on a government handout (grant) to try to make a positive improvement in the neighborhood.

Hey, if you are not sure if it will be a problem or not, try it out for a year and see what happens. It makes sense that the city would be trying to encourage people to try anything to bring people back to the town. But then people don’t necessarily do what makes sense, do they?

Tom Galownia