County crew commended

To the editor:

On June 12, the powerful storms the Ohio Valley endured and the damage they caused were, to say the least, memorable.

Upon awakening at 5:30 a.m. on June 13, my husband and I discovered the mighty oak tree at the end of our driveway had been struck by lightning and split in half and was laying across the roadway. It also had pulled the cable TV and telephone lines down to street level.

Not knowing who else to call, I notified the the Jefferson County Engineer’s Office, The gentleman I spoke with said he would send a crew out ASAP. Within the hour, a crew was on the scene, chain saws in hand, cut up the tree and cleared the road.

I was grateful for that in and of itself, but they went over and above the call of duty by asking me what I wanted to have done with the wood. Instead of tossing it away I have neighbors who have a wood burner and knew they’d be glad to have it.

I just wanted to publicly thank them for a job well done. The county takes excellent care of our road, year-round.

Suzanne Ayers