Discussion will cover taxes

To the editor:

I’d venture that many of you reading this find some level of frustration with the IRS and our current tax system, even if it’s only in the weeks preceding April 15. We have this absurd tax code that is more than 73,000 pages long, and it changes from year to year as politicians add or take something away in some social engineering experiment gone wild. You’ve probably thought, “Oh well, what are we gonna do?”

There are alternatives out there. We just need to speak up about them and elect politicians who understand that we can’t keep going in the direction we are. Our first step is educating ourselves. On Monday, at 7 p.m. there is a Tax Reform Town Hall at the Marlite Conference Center, at the Lewis Center in New Philadelphia. Panelists will present the fair tax and the flat income tax.

Both tax systems to be discussed will simplify the tax code tremendously, but each approaches it differently. While you may know a little about one or the other, you will likely come away leaning toward one or the other once both are presented side by side.

One thing is certain, without that first step of educating ourselves on the alternatives, we are not going to influence any change in the current system. It will continue to become more and more complex adding hundreds of pages every year and the power of the IRS over the taxpayer will continue to be abused.

Barb Momyer