Edison changes are troubling

To the editor:

Several weeks before the end of the Edison Local district school year, letters were sent home informing the high school students that there would not be bus transportation for the coming year. However, the junior high (seventh- and eighth-graders) will be transported to the high school for their classes that are located in the same Edison High School building.

Does this make any sense? Were there any meetings with parents to discuss any alternatives? Are parents being punished for not passing the levies? What is evident is that the children are the ones who will suffer in the end.

Did anyone consider the danger that exits with children walking on state Route 152 to school along with the coal and fracking trucks? What about the increase in car traffic trying to get out of the parking lot on a bad stretch of road?

If you are a concerned parent of an Edison High School student, there will be a meeting at the Glen Mills Center, the old Richmond Grange, 7576 state Road 152 South, Richmond, at 7 p.m. June 26. Please come to help our students and bring your ideas.

Pat Simpson