Fake Christians remain at work

To the editor:

In response to the letter “Government money grab continues” that appeared on June 2, I’m wondering how we allowed the government of the Republican party to keep robbing Social Security?

My question is how much of a tax cut do you really need to do business? I read a tax history chart on the Internet that talks about World War II, when the rich paid a 95 percent tax, but it’s the Republican Party that has robbed Social Security, ever since its main tax broker – the former president the famous actor Ronald Reagan. Reagan used Social Security to run his tax cut program for the rich, and Social Security has been the victim of the Republican Party ever since.

The good old days of senior citizens eating dog food to survive are here again, along with numerous others of the poverty class , who eat whatever to do the same. Why do the Republicans need more cuts – we should just volunteer to just be put to sleep, and save more money, too , but alas we live. We love and we eat whatever to get by.

God help America with its fake Christian Republican Party at work.

William Murray