Government money grab continues

To the editor:

Seniors are already struggling to keep up with rising costs. Now they want to “change” the cost of living adjustment and thereby cut Social Security by $127 billion. This is an unaffordable, unfair and outrageous cut. The new “chained” COLA cuts may be small at first, but after five or 10 years this cut will grow to $30, $50, $80 or more per month, depending on the recipient’s benefit. Millions of seniors are already struggling and this cut will tip the balance and push them into poverty. This cut must be stopped.

Our so-called representatives have already stolen $716 billion from Medicare to fund the unworkable Obamacare. And, they have been stealing from Social Security for years in order to get more money to buy votes.

They treat Social Security and Medicare as though they are welfare. I have news for them – Social Security and Medicare are more like IRAs or 401(k)s. Seniors have paid into them for most of their working lives, expecting a return on their investment, unlike the parasites on welfare who are getting something for nothing. Although, thanks to our so-called representatives, many collecting Social Security today have never paid a dime into it either.

Many Americans do not know about Congress’ squandering of our Social Security Trust Fund savings. The truth is, most politicians do not want you, me and other taxpayers to know.

So far Congress has taken (stolen) more than $2.7 trillion of our Social Security savings and spent this money on other projects and programs having nothing to do with Social Security.

Our government will take another $250 billion this year alone.

Have we elected a bunch of corrupt, power-happy, crooks?

Robert Yost