Just a suggestion

To the Editor,

Please accept this as a sincere suggestion for improvement of your letters to the editor section.

My wife and I are old people, 76, and have subscribed to the WDT since the late 50’s.

When Earl Whitpen was editor and wrote editorials, some good some bad to us, he signed his name to them so people could respond. When Mr. Glover was editor, he wrote editorials and signed his name so people could respond.

When you write editorials (Opinions) you hide behind “Our Opinion.”

Some I like, some I don’t and would like to respond to, but we don’t know who wrote them. I have to give my name to send this which I will. We could just send you a copy of the Weirton phone book and say Our Response! I feel that if you feel strongly enough to give opinions about something, especially as an editor, you should be man enough to sign your name or keep your opinions to yourself.

Wilmon Boyd Culley