Recovery director questions comments

To the editor:

During the June 17 meeting of the Steubenville Board of Zoning Appeals, the Jefferson County Prevention and Recovery Board was chastised by 2nd Ward Councilman Rick Perkins for not being present at the meeting.

The board has been in communication with city leaders for nearly four months about getting the signage needed in front of our building on Madison Avenue. Never once in any of those verbal or written communications was our board informed that we needed to be present at the meeting. We also were told that an agenda of the meeting was usually sent to owners; however, we did not receive such an agenda. Additionally, Ed Rice of Signs Limited, who is creating our sign, was present at the meeting and one of the zoning board members who happens to also be a member of the prevention and recovery board was also present at the meeting. Therefore, one has to wonder what Perkins was referring to when he said the owners should have been present, when, in fact, we were represented by one of our board members.

After such an inordinate amount of time and a fee of $500, it is only fair that our board was granted approval of the variance to place a 4 foot by 6 foot sign with the board’s name on it in front of our building. At least we are a business putting up a sign and not closing and taking a sign down. You would think that city leadership would be happy that we have moved into a building that we are constantly improving. In fact, the prevention and recovery board owns nearly the entire block of North Sixth Street and Madison Avenue and has brought a tremendous improvement to the area as well as an increase in property values.

It’s just a shame that city leaders don’t welcome new businesses that want to put their signs out and help make Steubenville a better place to live and work in.

Pam Petrilla

Executive director

Jefferson County

Prevention and

Recovery Board