Thank God for fathers

To the editor:

Dad – from a little girl, Daddy sounds so sweet; and then there’s a teen saying, “Yes, father,” to the question, “Why can’t I go to the dance, you old meany?”

If dad is too good of a dad in the good-old style, daddy’s little girl or boy would be in for a life of dad being an enabler instead of a taskmaster to sure sure daddy’s little boy or girl got on track for a productive life.

Dads are dictators and don’t need any new friends. Their thoughts, if be known, or actions taken in raising God’s little precious gift – a boy or girl – are to instill the values of God, family and country into the family tree with all the unconditional love he can muster without being remembered as an old meany.

When your own child’s future is at stake, he’ll be remembered as my dad – the custodian of good morals and values, and thank God for that.

Steve Kopa