Thanks from Sandy Hook

To the Editor,

As the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy is observed, our family and the town of Newtown/Sandy Hook, CT want to thank the residents of Weirton for your generous gifts and acts of kindness.

A few weeks ago, we received several large boxes containing hand-made, personalized bird houses, memorial candles, stuffed animals, CD’s from the Weirton Vigil and personal notes from school children for delivery to the families of the victims who lost loved ones that tragic day.

We proudly delivered these heart-felt gifts to town officials, who in turn distributed them to their intended destinations. As we turned the gifts over, we felt the love and care from the town and its people from where they were sent. We are proud of our Weirton roots and know it will always be home.

Again, our family and community would like to thank all of the people of Weirton for these generous acts of kindness.

God Bless,

Lisa and Steve Petrovich

Sandy Hook, Conn.