The defenders are still around

To the Editor,

Where are President Obama’s defenders? Right here, enjoying life after deciding that writing fact-based responses to letters filled with spurious claims and juvenile, offensive name-calling wasn’t worth the time or effort. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what his detractors are up to and I certainly don’t need to point out what the majority of Americans already know.

President Obama’s approval rating is up and holding steady. The economy, despite the best (or worst) efforts of the Republican Party, is recovering. And, hail Columbia, GOP stalwarts like former Senator Robert Dole and Senator John McCain have come out against the slash and burn, wacko bird tactics of their own party.

Believe me, when Robert Dole says the Republican Party is unrecognizable and that they should hang up a sign that says “closed for repairs,” I don’t feel the need to stand up for my President (and yours, by the way).

But let me know when you want to defend what your Teapublicans are doing to America. Take your time. Because while you attempt to do that, I’ll be out enjoying the sunshine, Sunshine.

Sharon Davis Green