Voters do it to themselves

To the editor:

Does anyone see a movement in Washington that, at its core, has national prosperity as a focus? Or, do we continue to see a hunt for scandal, distractions about certain lawmakers, personal attacks on political appointees and a concentrated effort to discredit anyone who may be a candidate for president in 2016? You’ve got be really sick of it.

With an economy that’s moving at a snail’s pace, roads and bridges that are falling apart, jobs that pay less than they did in 1985 and only Wall Street making any real money, do you really care about the tax breaks for corporate America? Are you willing to see the interest in student loans double? Do you think the gutting of all social programs will help create jobs? Or will it just create more hard times and misery?

Can you stop and think for a minute, and ask yourself what are those in Congress doing to help us? Will concentrating on all the political backstabbing in Congress do anything to repair an economy that’s now based on stocks, bonds, futures, derivatives, foreign investments and more tax breaks for the richest among us? Are you or your family too big to fail? Did you get a bailout in 2008?

Will you continue to vote for a congressperson who shouts about how he’s concerned about jobs but votes against any job legislation that’s offered, votes against extending unemployment benefits, votes against any rise in the minimum wage and votes to end the food stamp program that puts food in the mouths of hungry children? Do you think he’s fighting for a job for you or just fighting to save his own job by asking you to think about anything but his voting record?

If you’re going to get mad about anything, get made at a Congress, which passed a law to give themselves an automatic pay raise every year, a raise they can’t turn down or refuse to accept. That’s what they’ve been doing, saving their income while they give yours to some foreign company. Then, when they leave office, they get a million-dollar-a-year job as a lobbyist with the very companies they were sworn to regulate while they’re in office.

Man, they can’t lose. The sad thing is that voters did it to themselves, because they got excited over distractions and ignored the truth. So, they go on living a lower lifestyle every year with no hope for the future while their former members of Congress join the ranks of the wealthy.

The solution – get elected to Congress play the blame game and then get yourself a big, juice piece of the pie when you leave.

Who said there are no good-paying jobs anymore?

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction