We are in big trouble

To the editor:

Why do valley amigos believe President Obama and his cronies are the smartest people from the best universities? Until Obuma releases his academic transcripts, my opinion is that if they are the smartest, we are in big trouble, and we are. Will any liberal please explain the following:

  • The EPA released 80,000 personal records of farmers to environmental groups. The EPA head said it was a “mistake.” Right.
  • ?The VA has 200 staff members working exclusively on union tasks. I’d hate to be the veteran waiting in line for medication of a war wound. Any amigo attend a Memorial Day service?
  • ?Going on vacation this year? Maybe a day at Kennywood or two at Cedar Point, if you can afford it. You won’t be able to take your kids into the White House because of sequestration. IRS lackeys will be having wonderful vacations – they are getting a $70 million bonus this month. Guess it’s for their exemplary work for harassing tea party organizations and $50 million meetings to learn line dancing. People, they work for us. Our taxes pay these first-class bullies. Obuma’s doing his fair share, taking his kids on a $60 million to $100 million African safari. He’ll still take his Cape Cod vacation in August.
  • ?See the multitude of Germans in Berlin Wednesday, 4,500, (down from 200,000 in 2008), to watch a nonentity try to match his tortured lecture with Kennedy’s and Reagan’s history-making speeches? Pitiful. People are finally seeing what Obuma really is. If it wasn’t for Valerie Jarrett, we’d have no president. By the way, where’s Uncle Joe Biden been hiding out?

The president has confidence in his administration. Wow – we are in deep doo-doo. Let’s cheer for Attorney General Eric Holder, snooping cover up; the FBI’s Robert Mueller; the CIA’s James Clapper; the IRS’ Lois Learner; the NSA snooping coverup; and State Department officials (under Hillary Clinton who covered up Inspector General reports. Hey, don’t forget his lying press secretary. I know he’ll get to the bottom of all this and bring those accountable to justice. Educated people know what I’m talking about. Amigos, I’m not sure.

I’ll not elaborate on the above scandals because most amigos don’t want to believe honest Barack would lie. Remember his words: ” If you’re against me, I’ll hurt you.” He didn’t utter them against the Taliban, but to Americans. He’s out of his league. Boy, were amigos duped.

Learner didn’t care about our Constitution when she ordered her zombies to go after tea party groups, but she sure embraced it when she pleaded the Fifth in front of Congress – hypocrites.

Our vacationer-in-chief had some low-level guy tell us we’re giving weapons to rebels in Syria. Doesn’t he take responsibility for anything? Just like he’s having Holder investigate Holder for lying. Can’t wait for that report.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius refused to authorize a 10-year-old dying girl a lung transplant. Just a preview of things to come. There’s no death panel. Obumacare forever.

Barry Bardone