We have a lot of work to do

To the Editor,

One thing nice about our two-party system; it creates diversity and checks and balances. The objective being with bipartisan participation, we can have a better America going forward.

Enter the opinionated pundits bringing out all the faults of the Obama administration and no matter how one debates the faults – only – it demonizes America in the process.

The non participating, opinionated rascals with no agenda other than causing chaos and chuckling about it while having a glass of Dom Perignon with their adversary and laughing all the way to the bank.

Our Constitution: The Founding Fathers debated and came up with solutions. Not all perfect.

It took 27 amendments to straighten it out. It might take 27 more heading into a century with warrantless wire tapping, phone and e-mail surveillance, targeted drone killings, IRS targeting, illegal drugs, population explosion and climate change.

Let’s don’t wait until we have to purify our toilet water into drinking water.

It might be too late while the mega-buck pundits are drinking Dom Perignon and the populous is drinking “purified” with a turned up nose. Ugh!

Steve Kopa