Interesting parallel in Zimmerman case

To the editor:

In 2009, in a parallel almost too good to be true, neighborhood watchman Roderick Scott, a black man from Greece, N.Y., was acquitted, by reason of self-defense, in the shooting death of white, 17-year-old Christopher Cervini.

Where was the outrage? The T-shirts? Where were the divisive opportunists turning a quick buck, fanning the flames of bogus fury?

The left is suffering frustrated indignation over its inability to railroad a “racist,” “white-Hispanic” who, in self-defense, took the life of an “innocent” black teenager. The more agenda-driven, activist far left is even more disenchanted because of its failure to incite America’s burning over the tragedy’s outcome.

This, I hope, is because most everyone with more than a few functioning brain cells realizes that George Zimmerman was innocent of any direct wrongdoing, much less of being a racist. He was, as columnist Thomas Sowell aptly described, the victim of “orchestrated hate,” hate generated and encouraged by sleazy, manipulative race-baiters who, for their own self-interests, continue to prop up institutionalized racism, because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have any influence or, likely, any income.

The media misrepresented the issue from the very beginning, broadcasting five-year-old school pictures of a sweet, fresh-faced, 12-year-old Trayvon Martin, and slovenly, poor pictures of Zimmerman.

Intellectually honest people realize the only racist component here was crowbarred in by the sensationalist liberal media and its allies, to whom the not-minority-enough Zimmerman – who not only has black family members, but mentored black children and complained when local police beat a homeless black man – was guilty until proven guilty.

Granted, neither was an angel in the case.

It seems Zimmerman may have had something of a “Napoleon complex” within his neighborhood watch group, and a reputation for making annoying, nuisance calls to police. Martin, 17, however, was a drug-using truant and borderline juvenile delinquent.

Despite Zimmerman’s acquittal by jury, President Barack Obama wants his Justice Department to waste more time and taxpayer dollars to investigate, digging for potential civil rights violations, violations they’d certainly find, regardless.

There’s so much else that should be investigated: Benghazi; the IRS scandal; Fast and Furious; Solyndra; NSA spying.

It’s said that we “need a serious discussion about race in America.”

In the 513 days between the shooting and Zimmerman’s acquittal, more than 11,000 black Americans murdered other black Americans. Why hasn’t Obama taken to his teleprompter, decrying this tragedy?

How many blacks killed whites – statistically, much more likely – in that time, with no national outcry or media circus?

Sorry – am I racist, for asking such logical questions?

Instead of using the phony Zimmerman/Martin issue as a blatant diversion, let’s seriously discuss a $17 trillion national debt, soon to be made $19 trillion, by the imposed fiasco of Obamacare. Let’s discuss 47 million welfare recipients and unemployment hovering around 8 to 10 percent – exactly what the $800 billion stimulus of 2009 was passed to prevent?

Roderick Scott and George Zimmerman – the same, yet so very different.

Rob Denham